er talents that will give even more flavor to - the experience and that balances with the disappearance of a lot of abilities. New weapons, including chopsticks, spells,
Step-by-step progress
Finally, for those who were not familiar with the game, know that we are in a turn-based combat system and that this one is mastered to perfection in Divinity Sin. And the exercise is complex and tasty. You will be able to find yourself in dangerous situations in which the enemies will fall on you by surprise and it will then be necessary to manage with the actual position of your characters at this precise moment: you can find yourself devil far, which will require you to Advance a bit before you can attack knowing that every action, even that of moving points puffs ...
It will therefore be wise to move cautiously to take the villains by surprise by placing themselves strategically around them ... as close as possible in fact. Note also that among the attacks you can attack your assailants, you can use the elementals. Electrifying a zone of water to inflict a good discharge to everything that moves within it can be a very good solution. Triggering good fresh rain can also be effective in calming the flame of enemy passion. Fire will also be a powerful ally as well as ice. In short, the combat system offers a delightful and complete experience. Your screen will sometimes become almost illegible, plunging you into the abyss of these elemental spells thrown here and there, but the flavor will remain untouched.
Finally we note the arrival of two new modes of play, the tactical mode that brings with it the increase in the number of enemies and thus the difficulty of the game and finally the hardcore mode in which the death of your small group of buddyAfter a Assassin's Creed Unity in the Paris of the French Revolution, whose people remember more technicalities than real qualities, the flagship saga of Ubisoft took the Eurostar to deliver us this time an episode in London, barely 100 years Later, in the midst of the Industrial Revolution ... But did he manage to use the few good bases of last year to finally get the Assassins out of their train?
Following a brief intro in the present, we are quickly catapulted in England, in 1868. Once is not custom, you incarnate in this new opus not one but two characters, the twins Jacob and Evie Fry. You will not see them become Assassins, since they are from the beginning of the adventure to the use of the secret blade. Their father, Master Assassin of his state, has recently died but has had time to form well his two offspring (girl and boy), very different characters. If Evie literally follows the creed and the wise teachings of his late father, Jacob, who was apparently in conflict with his father, never hesitates to follow his instinct and act before thinking. Their relationship is one of the highlights of this new episode of Assassin's Creed, Because in the attire a bit cliches at the beginning, by dint of putting in situations and dialogues rather well written, one learns to know and to

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